Date Posted... Jun 15th 2021

Boys’ Boarding Blog

Everyone is in high spirits this week as exams and assessments are over and the sun is shining. Justus continues to enjoy his Wednesdays at Truro Golf Club where this week he practiced bunker shots and putting. Cam is busy with drama rehearsals and David is really enjoying his art in after school clubs.

Over the weekend the senior boys went paintballing with the senior girls, they wore full face masks and overalls so it was difficult for them to see who they were shooting but I have been told that Dan came off worst as he was shot the most. Ethan was definitely the best marksman with lots of ‘kills’. In the evening the senior boys went to the girls house for some card games and snacks.

The lower Trennick boys spent the day in the girls in the Pentreve garden where they played games and races in the sun. Frank and Chun were no match for the girls in the three-legged race. In the afternoon the boys took advantage of the good weather and had a walk around the city and did a bit of shopping. In the evening we invited the girls up to the quad to have ice creams and a water fight with water balloons. Mr Hatfield got targeted and got very wet, but everyone had fun and got wet. On Sunday the Lower boys went to Porth Beach in Newquay with the girls, it was another lovely day so a few boys got in for a swim and also enjoyed walking around a new town.

This week brings work experience for our 5th Year boys. Sam is working at the prep school everyday, Dan is up at the Sir Ben Ainslie Sports Centre and Henry is at a local hotel called Mannings where he will be helping the cleaning team.

We wish Frank a safe journey home who left early on Monday morning.

Tom  Hatfield- Resident Boarding Master