Publication Guidelines

Happily, Old Truronian news, features and stories have increased greatly over the years, but unfortunately the alumni relations team can’t grow to match the level of responses we are delighted to be receiving.

In the interests of fairness for all who take the time to submit contributions and to ensure we are able to organise and edit publications appropriately, we have created the following guidelines to assist you when submitting articles and features.

If you would like to contribute some writing, please take a moment to read through our recommendations.

Submissions for both Keeping Connected and the e-Truronian magazine can be submitted by e-mail to:



We always endeavour to be mindful that our audience spans a wide diversity of readers both in age, culture and background and our aim will always be to: 

  • Uphold the School’s Methodist ethos
  • Avoid causing offence, anxiety or distress of any kind to any of our readers  

Please note, we reserve the right to make any relevant edits to submissions and these will be at the editor’s discretion based on brevity and relevance. Contributors will not always have the opportunity to approve edited submissions before print. Any contributions that are deemed inappropriate or offensive in the first instance will not be published.  


Interview Questionnaire Responses 

  • In the first instance please try to limit each response to about 200 words.  If you have a unique story we will contact you requesting more information if we feel our audience would enjoy your article as a standalone feature in the e-Truronian. Try to avoid making your interview questionnaire responses read like a CV. We would love to know the smaller details, career highlights, more personal life stories and any interesting ‘titbits’ from your time since leaving school 
  • When mentioning family and friends, please offer names to make it more personal, and please name any Old Truronians you are still in contact with (we will never publish names of OT’s who have expressively wished not to be named) 
  • Please let us know if we can include your email so that old friends can get in touch with you 
  • Responses must be received before the given deadline date, otherwise contributions may not be included 
  • We reserve the right to choose which publication and when the feature is published (this can depend on other content being included) 


Obituaries and Tributes 

  • Tributes for entry in the e-Truronian magazine are limited to 500 words 
  • Obituary notifications and tributes are published in the e-Truronian magazine only.
  • Please aim to keep tributes limited to the general Truro School days, the life and career of the person and any other noteworthy details, avoiding any very personal stories that would only be interesting to those who were personally close 
  • We may need to highlight and/or shorten tributes depending on available space and relevance  
  • Please send an appropriate portrait photo of the person to accompany the tribute 
  • All edited tributes will be e-mailed to the original sender for approval before publication 
  • Obituary notifications and tributes must be received before the given deadline date, otherwise contributions may not be included. Any unsolicited obituary notifications and/or tributes received will be published in the next appropriate publication 


Old Truronian News 

  • We reserve the right to edit Old Truronian news where necessary 
  • Noteworthy news will only be published if deemed appropriate for our audience
  • Due to the volume of requests received ware unable to advertise / publicise charity information.  Where possible we will report fundraising stories but reserve the right not to share news of specific fundraising and charitable campaigns  



  • Please try to send only goodquality photos 
  • Avoid sending any photos of others who have not allowed permission for you to do so 
  • Photos may be cropped before publication 
  • Submitted photos will be published where possible, based on photo quality and available space 


Your data is held by Truro School on a secure database and will not be used by any third parties, more details can be found at the bottom of the page.

Our Pledge


Truro School values your privacy and is committed to protecting any information that you supply which will be held on the School database.

  • We do not sell or share any personal information to third parties.
  • We always store your personal details securely.
  • We endeavour to take all reasonable steps to ensure the security of all information that we hold, and to keep this information accurate and up to date.  In order to do this we would, therefore be very grateful if you could keep us informed of any changes to your personal information or circumstances.
  • From time to time we mention names in our newsletter if a classmate is recounting memories of their school days, we however never provide contact details to anybody who may wish to get in touch with you without your express permission. If you do not want your name mentioned in the future, please let us know- we are available at

In the ways you indicate, we will use your details to provide you with:

  • Information on the work of the Truro School Foundation (TSF), including campaign news along with invitations to events and functions. TSF Charity Number: 1070969 (TSF will abide by the Code of Fundraising Practice created by the Fundraising Regulator.)
  • News, invitations and event information from Truro School Association (TSA) including the monthly online newsletter and annual magazine. TSA Charity Number: 290852