Date Posted... Oct 11th 2019




Prep Head's Blog: 11 October

10th October: World Mental Health Day

10th October is World Mental Health Day and in Prep and Pre-Prep assemblies, we have been thinking about what mental health means and how we can help each other with this. Eating well; sleeping well; drinking plenty of water; talking to people we trust about how we feel; doing activities and things that we enjoy; having good friends; working towards our goals and feeling fulfilled were highlighted as being really good for our mental health.

The further focus was then on the three areas of TALKING, LISTENING and TELLING.


•       About how we are feeling

•       Being honest about our feelings

•       Asking our friends if we think something is wrong

•       Asking a trusted adult to help us

•       Use kind words to others

•       Telling somebody that you care


•       Being supportive friends to each other

•       Taking time to listen to each other

•       Being kind to each other and ourselves

•       Listening when somebody needs to talk


•       Telling a teacher or adult you trust if you are worried about something

•       Tell someone even if you are not sure

•       If you notice that someone else is struggling, let a trusted adult know about it

•       If something feels difficult to tell, it might be even more important to tell.

Truro Prep’s Wellbeing Day

We have had a wonderful day today in the Prep School as Years 3-6 have enjoyed their first Wellbeing Day. The seeds were sown by Mrs Millne who has been thinking about this for a while, and today we saw it all come to fruition. All children were ‘off timetable’ and immersed themselves in a great range of activities designed to help them find a calm stillness and also allowed them to express their feelings and thoughts in different ways.

The children experienced seven different activities across the day, spending 40 minutes on each: yoga, mindfulness, forest school, tai chi, art, journaling and mindful walking. It was a great pleasure walking around the school and seeing the children so engaged in the activities and wonderful to see our normal busy, bustling site slow right down while the children spent time focusing, breathing and being.

In art, the children made Guatemalan worry dolls; they are encouraged to tell their worries to the doll at night and then put it under the pillow to take the worry away. In tai chi and yoga the children were focusing on their senses, their breathing and slow and steady movements. Please do have a chat to your child and look at the photographs here to get a sense of the day.



Forest School

Tai Chi

Mindfulness Eating and Walking