Year Four visit Langholme Methodist Home

By Emily and Joanna, Year 4


Last term, Year 4 visited Langholme Methodist Home for the Aged in Falmouth to talk to the elderly residents living there and find out about the past.


All of Year 4 enjoyed chatting to the elderly people about their childhood and each group talked to a different person.


One group talked to Allison about her life at school. She said: “Well, in my classroom there was a big fireplace at the front, and if you were naughty, you got put at the back of the room where it was freezing. At lunchtimes I went home at 1:00pm and came back to school at 3:00pm, and during this time I would go to the sweet shop and buy a big bag of sweets for tuppence. It was very nice.”


Another group talked to Dora. She explained: “Yes, I can remember the Tooth Fairy and Father Christmas, but I don’t remember the Easter Bunny. My favourite subject at school was History.”


Before we left, we sang two songs to the residents, Bare Necessities and That’s What Friends Are For, from the Jungle Book.


The most exciting, fun part was at the end when all the residents sang It’s a Long Way to Tipperary, a musical hall song popular in wartime.


We all went home after a wonderful afternoon experience the past through the elderly residents’ eyes. Visiting the residents was a great idea and it was so super for the teachers to organise it all. A big thank to them and to Langholme for having us.


You can see more pictures from the visit in our gallery.


You can also see a video on our YouTube Channel.