Year Four visit Langholme Methodist Home in Falmouth

By Emily and Joanna in Year 4


Year 4 visited Langholme Methodist Home for the Aged in Falmouth to talk to the elderly residents living there and find out about the past.


All of Year 4 enjoyed chatting to the elderly people about their childhood and each group talked to a different person.


One group talked to Allison about her life at school. She said: “Well, in my classroom there was a big fireplace at the front, and if you were naughty, you got put at the back of the room where it was freezing. At lunchtimes I went home at 1:00pm and came back to school at 3:00pm, and during this time I would go to the sweet shop and buy a big bag of sweets for tuppence. It was very nice.”


Another group talked to Dora. She explained, “Yes, I can remember the Tooth Fairy and Father Christmas, but I don’t remember the Easter Bunny. My favourite subject at school was History.


Before we left, we sang two songs to the residents – Bare Necessities and That’s What Friends Are For, from the Jungle Book.


The most exciting, fun part was at the end when all the residents sang It’s a Long Way to Tipperary, a musical hall song popular in wartime, to us.


We all went home after a wonderful afternoon experience the past through the elderly residents’ eyes.


Visiting the residents was a great idea and it was so super for the teachers to organise it all. A big thank to them and to Langholme for having us.


You can see a video from the visit here.