Year 6 Writing with Liz Kessler

Year 6 pupils recently entered a writing competition, involving local author Liz Kessler, about superpowers. Following this, those long listed were invited into Waterstones, Truro on Thursday 4th December, to meet Liz Kessler and talk about their superpowers and writing.

Some of the children decided to read out their own stories, which felt very special as they were rewarded with feedback from Liz Kessler. She also talked a bit about her new book Has anyone seen Jessica Jenkins? in which several of her characters have extraordinary superpowers. She read several hilarious extracts from her new book.


The best bit was when the children had the chance to ask her some questions about her writing. These varied widely from ‘How long does it take you to write a book?’ (10-12 months apparently), ‘If you had a superpower, what would it be?’ (time travel) and ‘Where do you get your inspiration from for your writing?’ (You never know…interesting characters and settings).


Then, the staff from Waterstones explained to the children how they had shortlisted the competition entries down to their top ten stories, before passing them on to Liz Kessler to make her decisions about the winner and runners up. After considerable suspense, they announced that Gabriel and Joseph were both runners up in the competition. Eventually, Liz announced that the winner of the competition was Ellie who received a signed book and converse trainers (which match those on the book cover). Liz said that Ellie’s writing had made her laugh – particularly her ‘fluffy’ description and ‘pineapple’ ending.


Liz was really inspiring. She told the children that she was impressed by all of the competition entries and that they were talented writers. Thank you to the friendly staff from Waterstones who really looked after us while we were with them, bringing us hot chocolates and cinnamon stars. It was a memorable experience.


Sally Luxton

Prep School Teacher


You can read the children’s stories below.


Ellie’s Story

Gabriel’s Story

Joseph’s Story