Year 6 Walk the North Coast

This walk along the North Coast was a wonderful opportunity for the pupils to take in the geology of the area and understand how this led to the tin mining industry. We are uniquely situated in Cornwall to be able to let the pupils walk through and explore the actual buildings that were so important in Cornish tin mining history.


Building upon some of the work from last year, the children were able to visit the locations connected with their history programme of study as well as looking at some of the engineering and technology associated with mining. The children also photographed the rich and varied coastal area as part of their ICT work and were introduced to some of the folklore from the local area.


This is a 6 mile coastal walk, which builds on the shorter walks undertaken in Year 3, 4 and 5 and, we hope, instils a love of walking and the countryside at a young age. The walk also forms part of the Year 6 Diploma.


You can see more pictures from the walk in our gallery.