Year 6 Trip to France

By Jasper, Sam, Charlie, Wiktor, Matthew, Jack and Luke


We went to France in May 2014. The trip started with a long night bus journey to Dover, which was actually quite fun! We arrived at the ferry and everyone was very drowsy.


Our first stop was at Vimy Ridge, a Canadian First World War memorial, where we all looked for our family names on the memorial pillar which was made from one piece of stone. Then on to our PGL base for a welcome swim.


Our first full day took us into Paris. We climbed up the towers of Notre Dame and tried to match our faces with the gargoyles around the top. We ate our lunch under the Eiffel Tower then took a trip along the river Seine (Mr Hobson used the opportunity to catch up on some sleep!)


We returned to Paris on our second day to climb again. This time up the towers of Sacré Coeur. In the afternoon we went to Les Invalides museum where Napoleon was buried. In the evenings at PGL we had fun activities like parachuting eggs!


On our last day we were soaked by the rain while waiting for rides at Disney, but in the afternoon the sun came out and we all zoomed around Space Mountain. It was quite a thrilling experience.


We really enjoyed our time in France, we were sorry when the experience came to an end, a bit like our time at Truro Prep. We thank everybody who helped to make our time so enjoyable.


You can see a selection of pictures from the France Trip in our gallery.