Year 6 Shadow Puppet Show

As part of our ongoing professional development, the Truro Prep School staff attended various workshops run by Cornwall College, which promotes an ICED approach to teaching and learning. This approach aims to stimulate learners through innovative and creative teaching.
Unable to resist new challenges, staff in both the Pre-Prep and Prep have been busy planning and delivering scaffold free lessons. This basically means that there is only a light structure to a task, which encourages learners to build skills to cope with different challenges.
But what could be a suitable challenge for Year 6? A shadow puppet show, of course! Their task was to deliver a shadow puppet show, to be performed to the school. The purpose was similar to that of a film trailer: to promote the Year 6 production of Doctor Dolittle.

Did it work?

Unsurprisingly, the children were hugely motivated as they had free choice about how to do things. They were fantastic at problem solving and creative thinking, which included writing the narrative (which was limited to five main events in the plot), making the shadow puppets, allocating different groups to each scene and animating the different characters.

What did their audience think?

Hebe (Year 3) said:

“I can’t wait to see the actual play because my brother will be in it”.

Lucy (Year 4) said:

“It was very funny. I really enjoyed it.”

Oliver (Year 5) said:

“I really liked the actual puppets – the circus animals and the big top were brilliant.”

What about the children who performed the show?

Gabriel (Year 6) said:

“It was nice to have the opportunity to produce and perform our own shadow puppet show. I’ve never done anything like this.”

Katie (Year 6) said:

“I really liked working together to make the puppets and writing the narrative for the performance.”