Year 6 Encounter WWI Artefacts

As part of their studies of World War I, Year 6 were fortunate to see and hold some fascinating artefacts from the trenches, brought in by Polly, one of the Year 6 pupils.


Her neighbour’s father, 2nd Lieut. T. Lanceley, fought in the war and was awarded the Military Cross for his bravery. Not only did we see his medal, but we also saw his kit bag, which contained his tin water bottle and cigarette case. Both of these had bullet holes through them. Lieut. Lanceley had been shot and survived due to these stopping the bullet!


His kit bag also contained his officer record, a leather pouch and several loose 98 year old cigarettes! It was a real moment of contact with history and brought the reality of life in the trenches right into the classroom. Thank you to Polly and her neighbour, Mr Lanceley, for sharing them with us.


Annabel Gregory

Prep School Teacher