Year 5 Travel Back in Time

Year 5 had a great day learning about the contrast between a rich life and a poor life in Victorian times at Lanhydrock.


They split into two groups to experience living as a servant or a member of the aristocratic Robartes  family at Lanhydrock House and gardens. The ‘servants’ learned what the Victorians ate, how food was stored and prepared and also how it was served at table. They saw magnificent copper pans, serving dishes and the spit. The ‘rich’  enjoyed the lavish upper rooms and were particularly surprised at the number of animals which had been hunted, shot and either stuffed or displayed as animal skins.


The visit tied in with their classroom learning about the Victorians. They also had an insight into the Year 6 History curriculum when they heard about how Tommy Robartes went off to fight in WW1.


You can see more photos in the gallery.