Year 5 Source to Sea Trip

This river trip, along the Truro river and down into the Carrick Roads, is part of the children’s work for the John Muir Award.


The award is about experiencing wild spaces and engaging with nature. Year 5 have already been busy in their Design and Technology lessons, designing and building outdoor furniture for the spaces around the outdoor classroom. Next term, the John Muir Award will move into other curriculum areas, such as English, where previous work has included a written blog, photography and sketching – and plenty of hard work with wheelbarrows moving bark into place around the outdoor classroom.


The team from Cornwall Outdoors, based in Porthpean, were great fun and worked together with the children to make sure that the route was challenging and interesting. The children had frequent river stops, sometimes in their Canadian canoes, sometimes on a shingle beach. Mind boggling facts about floating oak logs on the river and even a concrete boat, at Loe Beach, kept everyone interested and asking questions. The weather was bright and sunny but the wind was fresh and lively – with sudden gusts of wind at various points adding excitement and adventure to the trip.

Views from the Students


I really enjoyed the source to sea trip. My favourite part was when we (Misha, Sam T, Heath and Mrs Luxton) played i-spy. My least favourite part was when it ended. The strong winds and the tide were fun but the air was cold.



We got into our Canadian cones at Boscawen Park, and found that they were tied together in pairs. I still felt a bit unstable. We learnt how to paddle and change direction, sometimes when the wind was with us we stuck our paddles in the air and let the wind take us. I saw a seal twice, I caught five crabs and a goby fish. I liked it when our guide, from Cornwall Outdoors, let us steer and showed us how to tie a figure of eight knot. We passed the King Harry Ferry, which I had been on before; it was a very strange shape from the water.


I liked it when our guide, Brian, made up names for everyone in our canoes because he couldn’t remember our real names; my name was Worried William and Soumya was Creeping Colin. I enjoyed seeing the wildlife: a seal, herons, crabs, ducks and even two cauliflowers! Misha used the bailing out bucket to catch a goby fish. It was really big. It was weird feeling the wind and the sea forcing our boat along.