Year 5 Geology Taster at Truro School

Four wonderful workshops were put on by specialist staff at Truro School this term when we organised a trip over for Year 5 to gain an insight into Geology.


This tied in with various aspects of their geography and science curriculums and all pupils participated in 4 sessions:


– Fossil Preservation – making casts of fossils using plaster of paris

– Forensic Geoscience – investing evidence from a crime scene to solve a murder (using microscopes)

– Types of Volcanic Eruption – hands on investigation of pyroclastic materials including density measurements

– Fossil Trackways – an investigation of dinosaur mode of life from footprints and trackways


The pupils were lucky enough to be given a wonderful goody bag which included a piece of a 4.5 billion year old meteorite.


You can see more pictures in our gallery.