Year 5 Christmas Play

What happens when a spoiled, arrogant boy band find themselves lost in the Arctic? Luckily for the band Long Diversion, they’re taken in by some elves and brought to Santa’s castle, where they’re taught a few lessons about the true meaning of Christmas.


This was the story told by Year 5 in their production, A Christmas Diversion, on Thursday 28 November.


Mrs Gregory, Teacher at Truro Prep School, said: “With colourful costumes and lots of humour, the pupils performed brilliantly.”


Each Year 5 class had their own section of the story, so there was not only one boy band, but three.


“There was certainly a lot of hair gel flying around!”, she added. “Well done to Year 5 on such an entertaining play.”


You can see pictures from the Year 5 Christmas Play in our gallery.