Year 4 in the Lion’s Lair

All Year 4 pupils took part in a Lion’s Lair public speaking competition this week in the assembly hall, pitching ideas for products using persuasive language and presentation skills in front of an audience and three demanding judges.


Based on a TV programme with a similar name, each team designed a product and created slogans, jingles and adverts to try and persuade the judges and audience to invest imaginary money in their product. Every pupil in Year 4 took part, with heats in each set and six teams performing their presentations in a final held in front of Year 3 and the remainder of Year 4 who also reviewed the performances and asked some challenging questions.


Questions were tricky, both from judges and pupils, but all the teams kept cool and answered clearly and authoritatively. A close battle was waged between the six ideas: an innovative plush bear which doubled as a secret sweet box, a pair of Zing trainers which warmed your feet, a blend of unique sweets and franchised school tuck shops, a revolutionary lolly which helped to clean your teeth, a robotic dog with an incredible vocabulary and, edging out the competitors, a multi-function laser-sighted pump-action water cannon designed to soak little brothers and older sisters or possibly even teachers.


Pictured is Harry – who emerged victorious with his Super Soaker Splasher with all three judges saying “I’m in,” narrowly edging out Madison and Evelyn with their Million Multi Colours toothpaste lolly sweet, and Teegan with her incredible futuristic Bot Dog robotic pet.


The standard of written and spoken language used was very high, and the event proved a great way to showcase non-fiction writing techniques learned in English and Powerpoint presentation skills developed in ICT.


Many thanks to Miss Gay for hosting the event, and Mrs Burdell and Mr Neale for judging the potential investments.


You can see the Super Soaker Splasher in action on our YouTube channel.


Tom Tolkien

English Coordinator