Year 3 Walk to Trelissick

One of the great joys of living in Cornwall is that we are surrounded by such a wide variety of interesting and beautiful landscapes. So it seems important to us at the school to take advantage by sending each year group from Year 3 to Year 6 on a walk, with the distances and challenge increasing from year to year.


All of the Year 3 pupils walked to Trelissick via Roundwood Quay. The walk was not just a challenge for the pupils, but a real opportunity for their teachers to get to know the pupils better. The children, in return, have now learnt about the site of trading since the Bronze age (the Quay), the embarkation point for the WWII Normandy Landings at Omaha Beach (Turnaware Point) and the King Harry Car Ferry that runs on chains. They have also seen which types of trees have been growing in the Trelissick woods for over a century and what vegetation and wildlife enjoys living in their shade.


Mrs Lovett asked her class to write one sentence each about what they liked about the walk, she received some great responses such as:


“We saw a trench and all kinds of trees.”

“I liked it when Emily and I saw things that we had never seen before. I thought it was brilliant and amazing. We saw caterpillars – green, spikey ones.”

“We walked three miles and had lunch at the beach. I had an ice-cream at the end. It was all exciting, especially the trenches.”

“I enjoyed the whole walk!”


A gallery of images from the walk is available to view.