Year 3 Play: Ye-Ha!

Year 3 welcomed an audience to the Wild West for their end-of-term production, Ye-Ha! It told the story of poor cook Wilbur Hubbard, who found himself in the unfortunate position of Sheriff of Splodge City. Would he survive and defeat the no-good gang of outlaws led by Mad Dog McNut? And what about Billie-Jo, a new face in town, keen to prove she can be as tough as any boy – can they foil baddie Mayor Tex Truman’s plans to take over the whole town?


With colourful costumes and a fabulous set, Year 3 presented a show to remember. Including rip-roaring song and dance numbers and some great comic lines, the production transported us all to the Wild West. Ye ha!


Annabel Gregory

Prep School Teacher