Year 3 Get Creative in English

In January, Miss Gay set her English class, in pairs, the task of creating their very own fable.


The children wrote some fantastic tales about tigers, sloths and worms and then went about designing and making both the scenery and the characters, with fantastic results! Below is just one of the fables that was written, by Oliver and Sammy.


The Fable of the Sloth and the Tiger


Once upon a time in the jungle there lived a sloth and a tiger. The sloth had arms as long as a wire and he was always dozing. The tiger was as fast as a jet and he was colossal and fierce.


One day the tiger challenged the sloth to a race. After a while, the elephant blew his trunk and the tiger ran off. The sloth was climbing from tree to tree very slowly.


All of a sudden, the tiger smelt, floating on the breeze, the delicious decaying meat and thought he should have a slice. He followed the breeze to a cave behind a waterfall and he said “I have loads of time!”


Sometime later, he heard cheering. The sloth won! “It’s a miracle!” said all the animals. The tiger could not believe it and the sloth won free fruit.


Slow and steady wins the race.


The final stage will be the recording of an animated film to enact their stories. Please come and take a look at the wonderful pictures of their creations and read the imaginative fables.


You can see a selection of pictures in our gallery.