Year 2 Receive a Visit from the Fire Brigade

The Year 2 pupils at Truro Prep School entered the weekend in style on Friday afternoon as they finished the week with a visit from the local fire brigade.
Arriving at 2.30pm, the red fire engine immediately captured the imagination of the pupils who were undoubtedly excited. The fire crew first talked to the class about fire safety in the home, explaining why smoke detectors are important and why you shouldn’t go back into the house to pick up possessions when there is a fire.
1.Fire Brigade School Visit
After a short talk, the real excitement got underway as the pupils prepared to see a real fire in a controlled environment. Having learnt about the Great Fire of London earlier in the week, the pupils of Mr Sharp’s and Ms Chapman’s classes had been challenged to make their own model buildings out of cardboard and tissue paper in order to recreate the great fire; the lesson being how easy it is for fire to spread.
2.Fire Brigade School Visit
With the model village set up in the playground, the firefighters lit one building and let the fire take its course…

And if all that excitement wasn’t enough, the day ended in drama. Just moments after the firefighters had put out the dying embers, they were called to attend a real emergency and had to leave quickly!
3.Fire Brigade School Visit

Fire Brigade Visit – Gallery

A image gallery of the fire brigade visit is available to view here.