World Aims 2015

To mark the end of another successful year the students of Truro School recently took two days out of their regular lessons to participate in World Aims.
This year the hot topic for discussion was Human Rights with pupils in all year groups immersing themselves in a diverse range of workshops, gaining a greater understanding of global human rights issues whilst learning how to help and make a difference.
Workshops included the use of poetry for expression, utilising music and art for protest, all topped off with a dubious relay endurance race where the rules were continuously changing; the underlying message that life is unfair in some countries.

Aubin De Gruchy, Reverend at Truro School, said:

“We can make a difference and we should make a difference. It’s our responsibility to do something and these days are all about proving that you can achieve change with some will power and determination. It’s also a great way to end the term.”

Ms Rainbow added:

“I’m hoping that people will be outraged enough and feel passionate enough about these issues to take action, regardless of how old they are. It takes a click of a button to take action, and if 7 billion people around the world click a button, people have got to pay attention.”