World Aims 2014: Activity Day

This special day was introduced with an assembly led by Luci Isaacson who reminded us all of the importance of turning off our taps!


It is staggering the effect leaving a tap on while brushing your teeth can have on the environment, not to mention the amount of money that could be saved by a household during a year. Our day was based mainly on the theme of recycling, using examples from history and around the world to lead our activities.


We used old clothes and rags to create a collage using the ‘rugging’ technique. We also designed our own flags, to remind ourselves that we are all part of this great world and all have an important part to play in it.


Year 3 followed the example of Kenyan and Ugandan children by using bottles and milk bottle lids to make toy cars, (which have become constant tag-alongs in the playground ever since!) and also made small footballs using old plastic bags. Year 4 looked at how the people of India use many parts of a food plant in different ways; banana leaves for plates, coffee stalks for instruments, palm leaf spines for brooms to name but a few.

As part of their John Muir award, Year 5 undertook some conservation and landscaping work (following the damage caused by the winter gales) in the area of the new outdoor classroom. They also spent time processing photographs and completing their log books.


You can see what was going on at Truro School on World Aims Day 2014 here.