In Video: Twisted Textiles

Throughout February, the Heseltine Gallery  was decorated with Twisted Textiles, an exhibition put on by acclaimed contemporary textile artists Nicola Donovan and Joy Buttress.


The exhibition saw the use of radically diverse materials such as lace, pins and machine components to explore themes of class, status and wealth.


Dave Meads, Head of Art at Truro School, said: ‘It’s both unusual and exciting to have a selection of textiles like this this here at the Heseltine Gallery. It’s a wonderful exhibition of optical illusion and intricate details.”


Among the unusual items could be found a pin scarf, a cardigan made of razors and a bonnet of human hair. When explaining her work, Nicola Donovan said she loves it when people bring their ‘own narratives’ along.


She commented: “What can I say about it… it takes ages, it’s meticulous and it’s based on an interest in history and in people. I try to make something that is worthwhile for people to look at.”


You can see a video from the Private View on YouTube, where Nicola explains her work in more detail.


You can also see a selection of images in our gallery.