Video: Cyrus and Alan Grade 8 Piano

3rd Year’s Cyrus and 4th Year’s Alan are pupils from Hong Kong and boarders in Pentreve Boarding House. They are incredible Grade 8 pianists and enjoy practicing in the Chapel on the school’s Steinway piano. They have recorded a practice session to give a taster of what it means to be a Grade 8 pianist. Click on the highlighted links to see the videos.


Cyrus’ piece is titled Solfegietto in C minor and is composed by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, the second son of the famous Johann Sebastian Bach. It is a piece which is meant to be played at an even, quick pace and requires good finger dexterity.


It suits Cyrus in that he is an extrovert character, full of life in the house and very artistic in nature; he entertains the house with his regular practicing on the piano in the house office and, whenever you watch him, he is rarely reading from music. He very much plays by intuition and with much passion, musicality and verve and, of course, a great deal of skill.


Alan is playing Prelude Opus 3 No 2, which is composed by Sergei Rachmaninoff. It is a piece in three parts and is much more measured and has a slower pace.


Alan is a naturally more reserved character and this piece typifies this. He is an organized and thoughtful young man and he reads music beautifully when he practices on the house piano. He is quite different from Cyrus in this respect but equally as impressive.


Both boys keep the house well entertained with the variety of music they practice.



Mark Nicholas,

Housemaster, Pentreve


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