Under 18 Boys’ Indoor County Hockey Tournament

With only two teams entered, it was always going to be a rival game; Truro School against Truro College. With 25 minutes being played in each half and only 5 a side the boys were in for a tough and intense game ahead. The game was fast and was at 100% pace throughout, the game got feisty from a couple of players in both teams so cards were given out left, right and centre.
It was lots of end to end stuff, with shots coming in from all angles. There were some great saves from both keepers who would have been awarded man of the matches for both teams.
Truro College put several goals past the school in quick successions, and kept piling the pressure on. Truro School kept the work rate up and got a number of goals back, and were back in the game. The boys were continuing to sub every 3-4 minutes to continue the high level of intensity, but the hard work and determination didn’t manage to get them the final result! Unlucky Boys but was a cracking game to watch! 6-11 Loss