Uganda Trip – Day Six

We began Sunday with a service at the One Life church in Kampala. This included a lot of singing and ended up being as long as six of our usual chapel services – something we weren’t quite used to. It was interesting to experience a different kind of service from what the Rev and his C team provide, although we’re not sure that Truro School is ready for all the singing that is involved!
Our next activity after lunch was to head back to the Ssenge home for street children, where we experienced incredibly talented performances from the junior and senior bands, made up of ex-street boys. Their music was accompanied by an unexpected gymnastics performance and some amazing juggling! As a token of our appreciation for their performances we served up some ice cream which not only fed the boys from the home but a lot of the local village children too. This was followed by an intense game of football between us and the boys, during which we were taught a lesson in football by the Ssenge boys, with them winning 1-0. Our team did do themselves justice against some talented and strong players.
During the evening we went to watch the Ndere dance troop perform and also got to tuck into some amazing food (another bbq to please the meat eaters!). Each of the dances represented a different region of Uganda and neighbouring East African countries, so it was a true cultural experience that we all thoroughly enjoyed.