Uganda Blog – Days Eleven and Twelve

Day Eleven

After a later start we left the lodge at 9:00 and went to the top of Murchison Falls, where Deputy Head Mr Bewer took many shameless selfies, as it was an amazing geographical landmark!
We then headed back to Kampala for a dinner with our special guests Heidi, Bosco, Ivan and Josh. We were all dressed up in our traditional African attire that Bethany High School had given us, the girls in their traditional African dresses and the boys in their shirts – so smart in fact that even the staff at Namirembe Guest House commented on how good we looked. This was a fitting end to our final night in Uganda and we finished with an honest debrief from all membera of the party about our individual and collective experiences of the trip.

Day Twelve

Our final day began with 4 members of the group leaving a deposit at the surgery for health purposes, checking for bugs, amoeba and other unwanted nasties, they were given the all clear which meant we could head off to the market to purchase presents and mementos. We then had lunch at a cafe called 1000 Coffee Cups, full of coffee beans and tasty sandwiches. We then exchanged what money people had left (if they hadn’t already spent it all at the market on crazy disco trousers and shirts) before heading back to Namirembe Guest House to pack and prepare for our flight.
After a day of shopping, some of us found packing a lot more challenging. With zips strained and 12 tired students, not to mention three teachers looking forward to their summer break, we all looked forward to having a good sleep on the flight home.
The trip has been an amazing experience for all involved. It has been moving, challenging, inspiring and incredibly rewarding in equal measures, and we look to sharing our experiences with the rest of the school community in September.