Truro Students Experience the Eclipse

Mr Fisher and Ms Selvey have been busy with their classes this morning enjoying the eclipse!


With safety the top priority, both classes got creative with some fantastic ways of viewing the spectacle. There were special glasses and binoculars along with some more high-tech solutions.


Mr Fisher said: “This morning was a fantastic opportunity for the students to experience a very rare occasion and we took full advantage. It turned out that Cornwall was one of the best places in the UK to view the event with clear blue skies!”


This is the first eclipse in the UK since the famous solar eclipse in 1999. Another eclipse will not happen for another ten years, with 2026 the next time an event like this will be witnessed again.


We have included some of our favourite images from this morning below.


Sixth Form Physics Eclipse

Sixth Formers in Mr Fisher’s class prepare for the eclipse.


Truro Sixth Form View Eclipse

Almost there! Just a glimmer of sunlight.


Sixth Form Physics at Truro School - Eclipse

Darkness Descends at the peak of the eclipse!