Medics, Dentists & Vets (MDV)

Careers Team at Truro School

If you are intending to apply to train to be a doctor, dentist or a vet, we have a specialised programme to advise you on every step of your application. There is a designated member of staff to run the Medical Pathways programme (Miss Finnegan) who helps arrange for you to have mock interviews, feedback on your application, and other support specific to these courses, to ensure you have the best possible opportunity to go where you want.

What we offer:

  • Suggested reading provided from 5th Year upwards
  • Students can join an email group which shares all the latest info on medics/dentists/vet applications
  • Dedicated area of the Careers Room to provide them with info about the jobs, and advice practise for BMAT and UKCAT tests. Truro School is actually an exam centre for BMAT (BioMedical Admissions Tests) so students can take the exam on site.
  • Business Lunches to meet professionals in these areas, network and ask advice in an informal setting, e.g. former pupil and current medical student Alex Maidwell-Smith visited in October 2016 to give a talk on a career in Medicine and advice on applications.
  • Introductory talk for Lower Sixth students and their parents
  • Termly review meetings one-to-one with the Medical Pathways coordinator
  • Seminars with healthcare professionals at various stages of their careers to find out more about your chosen vocation



  • Workshops on current affairs in medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine; entry requirements, ethical principles, and how to prepare for the BMAT and UKCAT
  • Arranged trips to University Open days, e.g. Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Cambridge and Oxford
  • A bi-annual careers fayre in which all three professions are represented by professionals in the field.
  • Attend a UCAS convention in March/April of your Lower Sixth, where over 100 different universities are present.
  • Focused help with preparing UCAS personal statement with Miss Finnegan
  • Mock interviews with professionals, practising traditional interviews and MMI.
  • Continued career support after leaving Truro School, with the 3-year support programme carried out by Head of Careers, Nancy Kenward.

Former pupil returns to inspire next generation of medics

On Friday we were lucky enough to have a visit from medical student Alex Maidwell-Smith, a former pupil in his last year of medic training.

Read more here.

Work Experience

Students are encouraged to take up work experience during their summer holidays. The careers team have many contacts in order to help students secure themselves a placement. Some of examples of previous work placements:

  • Treliske Hospital Ward
  • GP Surgery
  • Veterinary Practice
  • Cruise Ship Sick Bay
  • Dental Practice in Spain
  • Local farms, helping with lambing
  • Animal rescue centres

Mock Interview Process

During the Lower Sixth there will be workshops to develop your skills at tackling various common MMI stations, such as discussing ethical scenarios and breaking bad news. For the stations requiring role play, Mr Oldfield (who has been an actor at MMIs) and some Sixth Form drama students will help to make the experience as realistic as possible.

Once you have chosen and applied to your University to study medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine you will get more focused preparation for the interview process. In the Upper Sixth an MMI interview event is held with medical professionals, Miss Finnegan and Mr Oldfield running a circuit of 10-minute stations, including a traditional interview station. We are fortunate enough to have a professional who runs admissions interviews at Exeter involved, providing valuable feedback and advice throughout the process.

Help is also given for international application processes, see Overseas University Applications for more information.