ACHE at Truro School's Sixth Form

ACHE stands for Advice, Care, Help and Empathy. It’s a programme that sees Sixth Form students develop the skills and experience needed to listen to others and to offer compassion in times of need.

The Truro School ACHE/peer mentoring training begins in the first term and runs for about 16 weeks, with pupils meeting every Thursday for a one hour training session. Training takes place in the Lower Sixth and any student in the Lower Sixth may apply.

The course offers students the opportunity to learn basic counselling skills, with an emphasis on developing their skills in listening to others. Talks and interactive workshops are given on coping with bullying, bereavements, alcohol and drug abuse, self-harming, sex and relationships, stress and child protection issues.

The students then have the responsibility of preparing to run the scheme as a service within the school for the following year.

They take charge of everything; creating a logo, publicity, speaking to different forms, addressing the school in assemblies, creating an up-to date referral card and organising rosters, so there is always someone on duty in the ACHE room.

The course ends with a formal banquet at which the students are given certificates and an ACHE badge.

“Through workshops with Rev and Lez (the school counsellor), we were able to further our listening skills so that by the end of these sessions, we were certain that we could listen to people of all ages, to all problems, not just hear but listen, and from there try and establish a solution.”

Chris Smith and Sam Wheeler (ACHE Prefects)