Academic Information

Whether your ambitions are clear at the start of the Sixth Form, or you’re still undecided, we will offer the guidance and support you need to make positive steps towards a great future.

Most schools and colleges force students to choose AS subjects from a predefined list of blocks, and will only run courses if the class size is big enough. Truro School is different.

We do not structure our timetable until after students have made their choices, and will usually offer courses for even the smallest of classes. This gives you maximum flexibility, and the best possible chance of studying the subjects you really want. Our teachers are also experts in their field. Many have developed curricula, written well-used textbooks, worked extensively for examination boards and regularly train teachers in other schools. This means that every course in our programme offers strong academic credibility, qualifying students to apply for the most sought-after universities.

At Truro School there is a wealth of opportunity, but this is most obvious in the Sixth Form, where the increase in freedom and trust between teachers and students means we take more control, and so create opportunities for ourselves. It is no longer just a case of “here are some options, pick one now” so much as “I wonder if this would be possible, let’s ask”.

Phoebe Piercy, Upper Sixth