Daily Routine

Our busy week balances academic work with sport, music, drama, and pastoral development.

daily routine at Truro School, Cornwall, SouthWest

School begins at 8.45am for form registration.  This is an important daily pastoral touchpoint for tutors.

We operate a two weekly timetable, so a student’s lesson timetable in “Week A” will look different from “Week B”. Weeks A and B will be very clearly advertised in the termly calendar and student planners.  This allows us to address some key strategic priorities as regards the curriculum.

The chart below illustrates the pattern of the school day and week that we will implement with effect from September 2019.

Wednesday Afternoon Activities

Every Wednesday afternoon the school goes “off-timetable” allowing students to focus their time on an extra-curricular activity of their choice. There are a whole host of opportunities available to the students at Truro School with over 20 Wednesday afternoon activities to choose from in the areas of sports, arts & crafts, music groups and even wargaming.

Daily Timetable


Before School Activities 8.00 am-8.45 am
Registration, Assembly or Tutor Group 8.45 am-9.lOam
Period 1 9.15 am-10.00 am
Period 2 10.05 am-10.50 am
First Break 10.50 am-ll.10 am
Period 3 11.10 am-12.00 pm
Period 4 12.05 pm-12.55 pm
Lunch 1 12.55 pm-1.30 pm
Lunch 2 (Activities) 1.30 pm-2.05 pm
Period 5 2.05 pm-2.55 pm
Period 6 3.00 pm-3.50 pm
After School Activities 4.00 pm-5.00 pm


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