(5th Year)

I have boarders’ tea at school; it’s really convenient because I have Fencing most evenings and don’t have time to come home.

08:05 I have a violin lesson first thing before school. I am working towards my Grade 5 exam but I also have a concert next week where I’m playing Le Petit Aire Varie and we have to make sure it’s perfect.

09:15 My first lesson is Chemistry. Chemistry is my favourite lesson and I hope to do it at A-Level as well. My teacher lets a few of us try out some AS questions for homework sometimes so that he can stretch us.

10:15 After Chemistry I have German. We’re working on our Speaking Presentations which we learn for the exam, I find the speaking exam the most difficult because we have to think on the spot. Thankfully we can have extra tuition at lunch times if we are struggling.

11:05 At break I went to a charity meeting in the Chapel. We’re trying to help each form come up with something to do to raise money for charity.

12:15 Before lunch I have History. We’re learning about the effects of the First World War on Europe and the Treaty of Versailles. We’re giving presentations in groups on main aspects of the Treaty and their effect in Europe.

13:15 After lunch I went to hockey practice. We have the regional tournament soon; we qualified last week after we won the county championships.

14:25 The last lesson of the day is Maths. We’re looking at differentiation and trying to write a proof for it. I like my Maths class because we all help each other out when we’re stuck and compete to see who can do the best in the tests. To finish the lesson we have a quick game, which is always a good incentive to get your work done.

16:00 Every day after school I go running. I am training so that I can qualify for the English Schools Championships in March. Last year I came 46th out of the 300 entrants and this year I’m hoping to improve on that as I am still in the same age group.

18:00 I have boarders’ tea at school after doing homework in the library for an hour. It’s really convenient because I have Fencing most evenings and don’t have time to come home.

18:15 At Fencing I work on my flicks and second intention attacks. I’m hoping to represent GBR at the U17 World Championships this year, but if I want to do well I’ll have to improve my European ranking at the next event in Germany.

21:30 Finally at home, I have a second dinner with my family then do some more homework before going to bed. I always go to sleep tired, but happy.