Pupil Profiles

Truro School pupils share their experiences

Annabel (CO2016)

Before I joined Truro School, I was interested in Music and Drama, but I had no idea that I would earn myself a place at one of the world’s leading Drama School’s, with a full scholarship of which only two were being offered.

Jamie (Upper Sixth)

Jamie is an Upper Sixth student who has taken up Fencing during his time at Truro School so his normal school day involves lots of strength and conditioning Fencing training.

Tessa (Upper Sixth Boarder)

I’ll wake up in the boarding house (Malvern for Senior Girls’), get ready and then head up to the Sir Ben Ainslie Sports Centre for a morning swim.

Alex (5th Year)

My school day usually begins with a frantic rush to complete homework in the library, (which is open before, during and after school every day), mainly due to the fact that I have probably been rehearsing for a show or concert the previous evening until late, or, alternatively, was watching re-runs of, “The Great British Bake Off,” into the early hours.

Polly (2nd Year)

I have always enjoyed playing sport, the sports department here at Truro school is really good. It has boosted my confidence and given me lots of enjoyable experience’s and loads of friends!

Heidi (1st Year)

Heidi is in her First Year at Truro School, one of her favourite things about the school day is reading books in the Library lessons.