Clubs and Activities

As part of our commitment to educating and developing the whole child, we recognise the importance of providing a wide range of co-curricular activities throughout the school week.

To view our weekday clubs and activities and our Wednesday afternoon activities, please use the links below.

Our Philosophy

As part of our commitment to educating and developing the whole person, we recognise the importance of providing a wide range of co-curricular activities throughout the school week. Combined with our academic curriculum, our varied co-curricular programme ensures that students thrive through a holistic and balanced education, giving them the opportunities to try, participate or excel in whatever talent or gift they would like to pursue. In fact, our experience is that students learn almost as much outside the classroom as they do inside.

The opportunities are plentiful. There are over 100 clubs on offer before school, after school and at lunchtimes from Monday to Friday and every Wednesday afternoon our standard timetable ends and students can pick from over 25 different opportunities. The list of activities changes from term to term but offers something for every individual and represents a key part of our education “beyond the classroom”. The healthy mix of ages contributes towards a warm and sociable school community throughout the year groups. The activities allow 1st Years to feel at ease in their new environment whilst empowering older students to practise leadership skills under the guidance of teachers.

We believe that a rich co-curricular life is the key ingredient to aiding character development in our students. Whilst having fun, participating in a wide range of activities, without academic pressures, students can broaden their horizons and learn a new skill or extend existing skills. This in turn develops their confidence, self-esteem, teamwork and independent-thinking, communication skills and social development across all year groups.

Our aim is for every Truro School student to leave us with a breadth of knowledge, understanding and a desire to continue with their selected passion. We encourage students to try a variety of activities, to embrace challenge, success and failure in order to grow.


All students are encouraged to participate in Clubs and Activities each week alongside their academic studies and Wednesday Afternoon Activity. Clubs and Activities are available before school, at lunchtimes, after school and selected activities at weekends. Students will discuss their choices with their form tutor to ensure breadth and balance are achieved, Misocs (a world leading management information tracking system) will be used to track engagement and attendance.

Although most pupils will exceed these expectations, the following guidelines will apply:

  1. All pupils in the 1st – 3rd Year will participate in a minimum of three Co-Curricular Activities each week, from two different categories.

All pupils in the 4th – 5th Year will participate in a minimum of two Co-Curricular Activities each week.

Sixth Form pupils will participate in a minimum of one Co-Curricular Activity each week.

  1. All pupils are encouraged to strike a balance between Sport, Music, Drama, Academic enrichment and Supra-curricular.
  1. Pupils will have at least two different Wednesday Afternoon Activities throughout the year, ideally three; the majority of pupils will not be permitted to undertake the same Wednesday Activity in all three terms of the year.

Note: Academic clinics will not be part of the minimum expectation for each pupil’s co-curriculum expectation.

Zoe Jobling

Director of Co-curricular

Over 70 Clubs and Activities

From Monday morning right through to Friday evening, our unrivaled list of over 70 clubs and activities empowers students to fully develop a sense of individuality, pursuing whatever interests them.

Be it sports, music, design technology or even Latin, the extensive wide-ranging list of activities helps students to develop lifelong friendships whilst ensuring that nobody is left out with something on offer for each and every pupil.

Flexible Working Hours

Apart from providing a plethora of opportunities for student development, the extensive list of clubs and activities on offer at mornings and evenings relieves some of the stress on busy parents, allowing them to work flexibly, safe in the knowledge that their child is happy. Despite this, it usually works the other way around with students urging their parents to stay late at work so that they can attend an evening activity.

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Wednesday Afternoon Activities

Wednesday afternoon activities are a unique feature of Truro School in which both staff and pupils coordinate and participate in a wide range of activities.

Every Wednesday afternoon the regular lessons timetable stops at 1:00pm in preparation for a swift lunch before the 1st – 5th Year students depart for the afternoon to go and enjoy their chosen extra-curricular activity. *

This midweek break in the school timetable helps students to:

  • Maintain or develop a healthy lifestyle in activities that will enrich their current and future lives.
  • Learn a new skill or develop an existing one in a safe environment
  • Gain enjoyment from undertaking activities with other pupils, often of different ages, and with staff in a non-classroom context
  • Gain satisfaction from making a positive contribution to an activity
  • Prepare them for further education and the world of work through developing skills such as self-discipline and commitment, team work and leadership skills and greater self-confidence.