We aim to enrich all of our students’ experience of Mathematics and stretch the most able through depth rather than by accelerating them.

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1st – 3rd Year Mathematics

In the 1st to 3rd Years, all students cover the same basic course and sit the same exams to enable them to find their own level by the time they enter the 4th Year. This way, no one is disadvantaged and the brightest will be in a good position to aim for top grades.

GCSE Mathematics

At GCSE, all students take the Edexcel Higher Tier IGCSE. Setting is in bands and historically the most able third achieve A* grades, the next third grades A or B and the remainder grades B or C. However, all groups will be taught the material and given the necessary support to achieve a top grade. Mathematics Clinic is available daily to all students to help with any problems.

Selected students in all age groups can enter their Individual and Team National Mathematics Challenges, which ultimately can lead to selection for international tournaments. We regularly have students with scores placing them in the top 100 out of 200 000 national entries in the individual contests.

A-Level Mathematics

GCE Mathematics and GCE Further Mathematics are both challenging, prestigious and, ultimately, rewarding courses. Following an Edexcel specification, this course includes Mechanics, Statistics, Algebra and Decision Mathematics.

Many of the ideas that are met in the course form an almost essential introduction to important modern fields of study, such as Cybernetics, Robotics, Biomechanics and Sports Science, as well as the more traditional areas of Engineering and Physics. Mathematics is a popular Sixth Form subject, studied as a complement to Sciences and Economics, or its own sake.


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