In Geography, our aim is to illustrate relevant connections between the Physical and Human aspects of Geography and the modern world. We teach in mixed ability tutor groups which enable a rich exchange of dialogue and enhance perceptions and understanding.

1st – 3rd Year Geography

In the 1st and 2nd Years we cover a variety of topics such as Map Skills, Tectonics, Settlements, Coasts, Crime and Rivers. Fieldwork is completed in order that students can appreciate data collection and develop a range of skills.
In the 3rd Year students consider topics such as Globalisation, Development and Tourism. At all times we integrate the importance of Map Skills, Data Manipulation and Interpretation.

GCSE Geography

At GCSE, students follow the WJEC Specification A, which is a modular GCSE. The 4th Year topics are Rivers, Tectonics, Climate Change, Population, Interdependence and Development. In the 5th Year the topics covered are Coasts, Tourism and Retail. One of these requires fieldwork and data collection whilst the other focuses on a Decision Making Exercise based on secondary data.

A-Level Geography

A Level Geography, following a WJEC specification, is a truly dynamic subject. Studying Geography equips students with a range of valuable skills in fieldwork, teamwork and data analysis as well as transferable skills such as essay writing and deadlines, which are attractive to future employers.
The AS course sees students studying Changing Physical Environments and Changing Human Environments, such as the impact of climate change and the effect that the birth of 10,000 people hour has on our planet.
At A2, students move on to Contemporary Themes, Research in Geography and Sustainability and a coastal element will give students a chance to visit the Jurassic Coast in Dorset for a residential fieldtrip. Our students have access to a suite of three well-resourced classrooms and a recently refurbished tutorial room, complete with a bank of modern computers. The course is assessed by examinations which involve both structured questions and essay writing, and students will leave having developed invaluable skills in research, synthesis of information and, subsequently, the clear expression of argument.



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