Truro School vs Falmouth School – Rounders Match Report

Under 12’s: Won 19-9

No further match information.
Under 13’s: Won 16-11

Truro lost the toss and batted first. They played very well despite some great fielding by Falmouth scoring 6 ½ rounders. Falmouth came in to bat, Truro also fielded well with some great work between back stop and first post. Molly also took a fine catch. The second innings was much closer with Truro scoring 9 ½ and Falmouth 7 ½. Top scorers were Bimini on 5 with some huge hits, Sophie 2 ½ and Daisy 2.
Under 14’s: Won 16 ½ -2

The Under 14’s concluded their incredible rounder’s season, in which they have remained unbeaten, with an impressive win against Falmouth School on Wednesday. The team captained by Abby lost the toss and so batted first. The girls were on fine form with their hitting and totted up a total of 10 rounders in the first innings. The girls went on to field superbly. The linkup between Amelia as backstop and Amy on 1st post proved unbeatable and Anais’ bowling hard to deal with.  The girls managed to pip off the Falmouth players one by one to keep the score at the end of the first innings at 10-1. Again the girls were on fine batting form in the second innings. Mrs Mulready narrowly escaped a visit to A and E when Courtney stuck the ball cleanly and in the direction of her nose….it is good to know the reflexes still work. With a total of 6.5 rounders scored in the second innings the girls went out to field once again. A superb catch by Courtney and some impressive all round fielding again kept the rounders to a minimum. The final score was a 16.5 – 2 win to us.
Under 15’s: Won 22 – 1 ½

The Under 15’s were in a determined mood to showcase their skills for their last rounders match together. The girls fielded superbly restricting Falmouth to 1 rounder in the first innings. Amy, Cerys, Savvy and Jasmine A batted extremely well and secured 10 ½. With Falmouth all out on ½ a rounder, Truro batted and scored a further 11 ½ rounders. A great all rounds team performance.