Truro School Tops Cornwall A Level Results Table

Readers of the West Briton will have seen the new 2016 school league table shared in last week’s paper.
Here is what Headmaster Andrew Gordon-Brown had to say following the updated league tables in his latest blog:

If you have a chance this weekend glance through the West Briton, where you will see the A Level league tables which clearly show Truro School as the most successful provider of A Levels in the county.
You will probably also know that I don’t place much store on league tables in the first place – they don’t measure any of the intangible benefits of a great education. But as a staunch supporter of all things Truro School, it is gratifying to see the press acknowledging our place in the delivery of Cornish post-16 education.

2016 A Level League Table – Cornwall

School Average point score per A Level student At least 3 A Levels at A* – E At least 2 A Levels at A* – E Grades AAB or higher with at least 2 facilitating subjects
Truro School 852.6 94% 99% 41%
Truro High School 849.8 97% 100% 21%
Truro and Penwith College 819.4 90% 94% 18%
Cornwall College 721.5 87% 99% 9%
Helston Community College 705.3 50% 75% 9%
Camborne Science and International Academy 703.8 50% 85% 8%
Falmouth School 624.6 66% 83% 10%
Redruth School 584.2 57% 88% 0%


2014-15 A Level Students

2014-15 A Level Students