Scholarships Worth 50% of Fees for Top Performing Students

Truro School is now introducing Scholarships worth up to 50% of the fees for top performing athletes, musicians and academics as they join the Sixth Form.


Scholarships, usually worth up to 10% of the school fees, are awarded across a range of disciplines by way of current school reports, predicted grades, auditions, assessments, interviews and portfolios.


They enable the school to attract and retain pupils who will be front-runners in various areas of school life. Now young people who truly excel either academically or in music or sport have the chance to pursue their talent at Truro School, with additional financial assistance.


Headmaster Andrew-Gordon Brown said: “There is great kudos associated with being a Truro School scholar, and we’re pleased to be able to offer further financial assistance by way of scholarships worth up to 50% of the fees. We are the leading provider of A Levels in the county and want to build our reputation as a springboard for as many talented and inspirational young people as possible, whatever their calling.”


At the Sixth Form Open Evening on 8 October 2014, current A Level students spoke to a packed Burrell Theatre about life in Truro School Sixth Form and just how much students benefit from the professionalism and generosity of our teaching staff, and the amazing opportunities to build leadership and life skills.


Mr Gordon-Brown continued: “The Open Evening last week highlighted the sense of community we have here at the school. I’m really excited by what these scholarships can add and I look forward to welcoming the next round of young people to the school.”