Year Group Representatives

The Year Group Representative (YGR) scheme is designed to foster closer links between Truro School and its alumni. YGRs will liaise with the TS Development Team, and in so doing, help to build a feeling of participation and mutual interest. The important, two-way communication stream would enable us to tailor various engagement opportunities so that they are of interest to our alumni.

YGRs would be a huge help to Truro School by helping and encouraging contact among alumni, as well as between the alumni and the School, and providing feedback on the School’s programme of alumni events and communications.  This do not intend this to be an onerous task, merely sharing an event on social media perhaps with your former classmates, or encouraging them to Opt-In and / or attend an alumni event but also to help us find lost alumni.  We would like to be able to publish the names of YGRs along with their leaving date, on our website as a point of contact for other former pupils.  We would, naturally, protect your details according to data protection.

Firstly, we need to build a network of YGR’s willing to act for their alumni year group; – if you would be interested in taking on this role we would be delighted to hear from you.  Please contact us

Please find our current year group representatives here.

*By completing any of the contact forms below you are agreeing to your email address being passed on to your year group representative.