Truro School Chess Club

British No.1 Chess player Michael Adams, pictured, has been the leading English Chess professional for over 20 years after leaving Truro School to further his extraordinary career.


He’s been British Champion four times starting in 1989; highest World Ranking No.4; Silver medallist in the 2014 World Team Championship in Norway. Current Scottish team No.2, Andrew Greet, another Former Pupil, is also approaching Grandmaster status.


If you want to join Chess Club we can’t make you a Grandmaster overnight, but you can play at local and regional level with practice.


Beginners can learn the moves in two sessions – just ask the 1st Years! We have two lunchtime groups on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Room 10 and – if you want to play longer chess – after school on Fridays, also in Room 10.


Jeremy Menadue

Chess Coach