The Prep Diploma

Truro Prep is at the forefront of a movement to develop a more holistic approach to primary education.

Developing well-rounded young people - Truro Prep School

Diploma, Years 3-6 at Truro Prep, Cornwall

It is our aim to instil pupils with abilities across less commonly assessed areas of education as well as the core academic subjects by teaching a broad curriculum. This helps them to understand their own abilities and strengths, and develop into balanced confident young adults.

The Diploma reflects achievement in six key areas of learning and experience:

  • 1 Core Academic Subjects (English, Maths, Science)
  • 2 Humanities (Geography, History and Religious Education)
  • 3 Performing Arts (Music and Drama)
  • 4 Creative Arts (Design Technology and Art)
  • 5 Sport and Outdoor Activity
  • 6 Life-Skills (ICT, Foreign Languages, Cooking and First Aid)

Award Assessment

These are assessed both through their everyday curriculum and in a series of specially organised activity days during their final year at the Prep school (Year 6), before they move on to the Truro School site. Each pupil’s achievements in the six areas are assessed and can, where above expectation, lead to the award of either a Merit or a Distinction.