(Age 3, Nursery)

Rafferty spends three days a week at Nursery. He spoke about what he has been doing since he joined when he had just turned 3 years old.

“I like swimming, and jumping in with a big splash. My swimming teacher helps me with my goggles, and she takes me up the deep end but it’s not scary for me as she looks after me.”

“I have a Teddy Target. My Teddy Target is to write my name. I can copy my name.”

“At playtime, I ride the scooter. I like doing the pedals and going fast. But my favourite thing is the pirate ship. I go ‘Arrrrrggggghhhhh’, and hunt for treasure, just like a pirate. One day I found 100 lobsters and that is my treasure.”

“Forest School is great! I like the tree, that when I sit in it, I can make it bounce and pretend it’s a space rocket.”