(Age 4 1/2, Reception)

Elsie came into Reception from Nursery. She is in a class of 12, half boys and half girls. She talks about what it is like in Reception.

“Every morning we have Assembly with Nursery, Year 1 and Year 2. I love the singing. And sometimes we have special guests who talk to us about things.”

“This term, we went to a farm, and stroked the reindeers and fed a real fox. They were warm and very furry.”

“I like drawing and doing art. I have made a dinosaur, a rocket and a puppet.”

“On Thursday we do Forest School. I build camps with my friends and collect leaves. We sit in a circle and look at the sky and talk about all the things you find in a forest.”

“I love the food! My favourite is roast dinner and ice cream. We have that once a week.”

“The thing I like most is going to the library, where we can choose a book and take it home.”

Elsie’s Mum:

“The Pre-Prep offers such a vibrant, safe and contained environment for the Early Years pupils where they can feel a sense of place within the larger community of Truro Prep School. Entering through the large glass doors of such a wonderfully light building, there is a buzz of busy children in the air! The atmosphere is charged with happy, engaged children learning through the most amazing array of activities. These are helping Elsie to think creatively and are encouraging her to solve her own problems and become an independent learner. Her wonderfully perceptive teachers totally understand her character and support and encourage her in all aspects of the curriculum.

Forest School was high on my list of pluses! It offers layers of unique learning opportunities outside of the class room which are so valuable to Elsie. Elsie wakes up eager to go to school and comes home full of new experiences she cannot wait to share with the family.”

Josephine, Elsie’s Mum