“I made pancakes! Wiggle and a whisk, wiggle and a whisk and pour. I put sugar in it to keep it fresh.”

“I love the mud kitchen. We make mud pies. We use mud and water. I get very muddy.”

“In Forest School we had marshmallows. We were holding them by the fire and we ate them.”

“We do games (PE) in the sports hall. We like to chase people and run around.”

Parent’s View

“We decided to stagger Aria’s attendance for Nursery ending in four days for the summer term which we feel worked very well for us all. Aria has really enjoyed the fantastic variety in the daily activities on offer with cooking being her new found passion.

The school as a whole really does feel like a welcome oasis. The sense of security we get and the happy environment that Aria is clearly thriving in make us just hope for many more years in which she says she can’t wait to get to school.”