Pupil Profiles

Truro Prep School pupils share their experiences of school life with you

Rafferty (Age 3, Nursery)

Rafferty spends three days a week at Nursery. He spoke about what he has been doing since he joined when he had just turned 3 years old.

Elsie (Age 4 1/2, Reception)

Elsie came into Reception from Nursery. She is in a class of 12, half boys and half girls. She talks about what it is like in Reception.

Benjamin (Year 3)

My favourite subject in school is PE and Games. I am a big fan of all sports, particularly swimming. We have our own pool at the school and last week we won a competition and had a trophy presented in the celebration assembly.

Silas (Year 5)

Silas is a Year 5 pupil at Truro Prep School. His favourite subjects are Maths, English, Science and DT.

Lucy (Year 6)

My name is Lucy and I have been at the school for four years, having joined in year 2.