We understand the importance of good, healthy food to your child’s well-being and regard mealtimes as an integral part of their education.

Our dedicated catering team, led by Sue McIntosh, aims to provide a range of tasty, nutritious meals offering a huge variety of choice and opportunities to try new flavours and combinations. All the food is cooked in-house by our own team, using local and organic produce where possible.

Pupils are encouraged to make their own choices and the children from Year 1 onwards are able to serve themselves from the various options on offer. There is always a range of meals to accommodate individual tastes. In addition to the main meal options, there are baked potatoes with a topping or pasta with a sauce and an extensive salad bar. The staff are also more than happy to cater for any special dietary requirements by arrangement with parents.

Our menus have all been approved by a nutritionist to ensure healthy combinations. The children can clearly see the various food groups on offer in order to make their choices. There is always a ‘world’ option on Tuesday where a range of new and exciting flavours can be sampled; there are traditional options on Thursday as well as roasts on Wednesday. Fish Friday is a popular option and main meals are always complemented by fresh vegetables, salads and a hot or cold dessert.

Pupils have access to water throughout the day and squash is available at morning break, lunch and after school (prior to clubs starting), when snacks including fresh fruit are also served. Use the links below to see our current menus.

Pre-Prep pupils come across and eat their lunch in the dining hall. In keeping with our family atmosphere the children are seated at the same table each day. Years 1 and 2 are on mixed tables so they get to know children in the year above or below.

Developing Table Manners in Early Years

We encourage good manners, the correct use of a knife and fork and insist on a high standard of behaviour, as we feel this is a very important part of their social education.

Dietary Requirements

Should your child have any specific allergies, food intolerances or dietary needs for religious purposes we are always very happy to meet with you to discuss these special dietary requirements and to provide suitable nutritional alternatives.

Food Menus

This term’s food menus can be viewed using the links below.