Truro Prep School Netballers off to the National Finals!

“The first ever Cornish School to reach the National Finals in this age group”.


On March 6 2014 the U11 netball squad participated in the regional round of the IAPS netball competition for their age group.


They played with conviction, were fully focused and oozed confidence and skill on the court. Consequently they were overall 3rd in a competition that had 30 teams competing from across the south and south west of the country.


They were significant section winners and then had to play off to get into the final round, which they did comfortably. Now they were into the final play off and they took part in a fierce and physical set of matches. The girls had to dig deep into their reserves, and the results in no way reflected the court play in these matches which could have so easily finished either way.


The players were exceptional and played a huge amount of netball time. They are the first ever Cornish School to reach the National Finals in this age group and we wish them every success for the next tournament which will take place at Roedene School, East Sussex. This will be a marvelous experience and opportunity. They will be competing again in a huge event against teams from across the country.




First Round


V The Downs Won 8:7

V RGS The Grange Won 8:4

V Richard Pate Won 10:2

V Mount House Won 4:3

V Kings Hall Won 8:0

V Hereford Cathedral Won 14:0

V Blundells Won 6:2


Play Off

V Kingswood Won 5:2



V Cheltenham Won 7:3

V Talbot Heath Lost 2:3

V Millfield Lost 1:2



Rosie, Elena, Laura, Elinor, Scarlett, Jess, Nila and Amy.


A Barnett