Truro Prep Remembers

Last week, a cross-curricular approach was taken throughout the prep school in various subjects, relating to World War One. The children showed great interest in this topic, producing impressive work as a result. In English, work included the production of newspaper articles relating to life in the trenches, autobiographies about key figures such as Edith Cavell and poetry about poppies. Clay and printed poppies were made in Art, and in RE the role of the Salvation Army was discussed.


Examples of the work produced were then added to the Year 6 projects about World War One, which were completed last half term. The children carried out amazing research about local war heroes. They visited museums and war memorials, spoke to relatives to gather family history information and brought in some fascinating artefacts. In addition, they studied and wrote their own war poetry and produced letters from the viewpoint of soldiers fighting in the trenches.


The week culminated in a display in the Assembly Hall, complete with a multi-media presentation including the children singing contemporary songs and reading poems, both their own and by famous war poets. The display will remain up for some time so please do come in and see it. Their work demonstrates a remarkable understanding of and empathy with the men and families involved in the war. We hope their work is a fitting commemoration and tribute to those who fought and died.


A selection of images can be seen in our gallery.


Truro Prep Remembrance Film