Truro Fencers Dominate British Championships

This weekend was the British Youth Championship, and Truro School as usual came away with fantastic results.


U18 Girls Foil: Yvonne Chart – gold

U16 Girls Sabre: Caitlin Maxwell – gold, Maria Chart – silver

U16 Boys Sabre: Jamie Craze – gold

U14 Boys Sabre: Bertie Holdsworth – gold

U12 Girls Sabre: Jenny Howarth – bronze


There were also numerous top 8 finishes. You can read details of all the results here.


Pictured is Bertie Holdworth from 3rd Year, who comfortably beat his rival in the final; a young man who was considerably larger than Bertie.


Head to our Twitter page for a podium picture of gold medallist Jamie Craze.


In addition Truro Fencing Club won a further gold medal, 2 silver medals and 1 bronze medal. In total this is, once again, more medals than any other British club or school.